Sports Interaction vs. Bodog What is the Best Betting Site in Canada?

With so many operators out there, finding the right one can feel like a challenge. Each one has unique selling points that set them apart. Looking at these things on their own is helpful, but when you compare operators to each other, we can see where operators stand within the industry. This comparison will look at Bodog and Sports Interaction, two of Canada’s most well-known and popular operators. We’ll cover everything about these websites, from the sign-up process through to the mobile experience, so you can find out what makes them unique. It’ll be a tight battle between these two staples of Canadian gambling, but only one operator can be crowned the victor.

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We Compared:

Bodog vs Sports Interaction Summary

This comparison was a tight battle between two operators, each of which has many great features that set them apart, and some weaknesses that hold them back. In the end, one prevailed. Here’s how it all shook out.  

Final Score: Bodog 4, Sports Interaction 3, Draw 4.

Promotions: 888Sport

Promotions: 888Sport

Sports Coverage: Draw

Live Streaming: Sports Interaction

Live Streaming: Sports Interaction

User Experience: Sports Interaction

Welcome Bonus: 888Sport

Features: 888Sport

Live Betting: Sports Interaction

Live Betting: Sports Interaction

Customer Support: Sports Interaction

Winner by 1 point: 888Sports

1. Sign-Up Process

Getting started with a website should be hassle-free and easy. It should be fast and simple, so even someone brand new can do it. The sign-up process is a part of the operator that everyone has to deal with, so let’s take a look at how Bodog and Sports Interaction stack up in this department.

Bodog: The Bodog Sign Up process is as fast and easy as it gets. The signup page is one small page, and you put in your name, age, email, phone number, postal code, and currency. You check a box to certify that you are of age in your jurisdiction and press Register. A message is sent to your phone to verify, and you are good to go.

Sports Interaction: Getting started with an account on Sports Interaction was incredibly simple. There was one long page of information that needed to be filled out. The information that they require was all basic necessities, such as name, address, age, email, and phone number. Then, you make a user name and a password, and you’re good to go. You do have to verify your email before getting started, but that takes no time at all.


While the Bodog sign-up process is likely a bit faster, signing up with both operators is incredibly even, and I would say the difference between the two isn’t substantial enough to declare a winner, so we’ll call it a Draw.

2. Welcome Bonus

Now that we’re signed up, we may want to claim a Welcome Bonus. The Welcome Bonus is how operators incentivize new users to join up with their sites. It is a bonus only for first-time users of a site that can provide free money for gamblers to make bets with. Here is a breakdown of how Bodog and Sports Interaction compare in this department.

Bodog: The Bodog’s Welcome Bonus is a 100% Matched Deposit up to $200. The Rollover is 5x the deposit, and not all sports bets contribute to the bonus. If you are using a Debit or Credit Card for your deposit, the minimum amount eligible for the bonus is $20.

Sports Interaction: Sports Interaction’s Welcome Bonus is a 100% Matched Deposit up to $200. The bonus has a minimum deposit requirement of $20 before kicking in, and the rollover rate is 5x the amount deposited to withdraw the bonus and winnings from it.


The Welcome Bonus for both is pretty much the exact same, with some minor terms and conditions that don’t change anything substantially. With that in mind, this one comes down to a Draw.

3. Promotions

The Welcome Bonus isn’t the only bonus most sports betting operators offer. Some other promotions and offerings are available for those who know how to use them. Let’s find out about what these two betting sites provide, and see how they compare.


For this one, there is a winner. Sports Interaction’s Bonus offerings are limited, so Bodog comes out on top for this category.

4. Features

Every betting operator has something that sets them apart, that makes them different from the rest. These features are important aspects of what makes them unique, so let’s take a deep dive into the unique features Sports Interaction and Bodog offer their users.

Bodog: Bodog has some features that set them apart from the rest. They also have all the standard features you’d expect from an operator, like a variety of betting markets and live betting. Bodog has a prop bet builder that allows you to build parlays based on player performances. They also have requested bets, which allow users to submit bet requests on props for games and players, and Bodog will generate odds for them.

Sports Interaction: If you enjoy betting, chances are you’ll find some features at Sports Interaction that you’d enjoy. They offer a wide variety of betting markets, with tons of sports to choose from. They have virtual sports betting, which allows you to bet on simulated games. They also have a Racebook feature that allows you to bet on animal races from across the globe. Sports Interaction has a piñata bet which is a fun form of betting. They give you good odds and then will select a random player to win. If that player wins, your bet hits on the odds provided. As well, Sports Interaction has a ton of live betting options, but we’ll get into that later.


In terms of uniqueness, Sports Interaction has much more standard offerings than Bodog. They both have a ton of great features, but because Bodog has some very different ones, they get another win here.

5. Sports Coverage

If you’ve signed up and claimed your Welcome Bonus, you’re probably ready to start exploring the sports betting options on the operator you’re using. Every operator provides different types of sports coverage, with varying types of markets and betting options. Here’s a look at how these two brands stack up to each other.

Bodog: Bodog provides a large selection that encompasses just about all the sports that Canadian bettors would want to interact with. With basketball, football, hockey, baseball, boxing/MMA, soccer, and much more, Bodog has odds on a huge amount of markets. This includes a truly extensive amount of game and player props that users can engage with. They cover just about every major league in most popular sports and even have more niche offerings like Futsal and Australian Football.

Sports Interaction: If you are a typical Canadian sports fan, chances are Sports Interaction will have a lot of the markets you’d want to bet on, if not all of them. They offer tennis, soccer, boxing/MMA, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and much more. Within each sport, they have different kinds of bets that are available, like spreads and player props. They cover all the leagues Canadian fans love and many that the average Canadian has no awareness of, like darts and snooker.


This one is too close to call. Neither website has a major sports market that the other overlooks. That is why I’ll call this one a Draw.

6. Live Betting

If you are looking to lay down some big bets, but completely forgot to make them before the game started, fear not. Live betting allows you to bet even after a game is underway, with constantly updating odds. Live betting is a feature many love to use, so here’s a breakdown of how you can do it with Bodog and Sports Interaction.

Bodog: Bodog has live betting which you will see on the Home Page or by clicking on the Live icon. The layout of the page stood out to me as a little bit basic, with not as much visual flair. However, there are a ton of different games you can bet on, with odds that are constantly changing. There are also game props you can bet on live.

Sports Interaction: Sports Interaction specializes here, with great live betting coverage. They have a live betting feature on their home page that shows every current game that they are providing live odds for, and for each game, they have a ton of props and spreads that are constantly adjusting to the circumstances of the game. Clicking on the game you want to bet on reveals all the additional live offerings.


In this category, Bodog falls behind. Their page lacks the visual appeal, and they don’t offer the high volume of live props that their opponent does. For those reasons, Sports Interaction claims the win.

7. Live Streaming

If you’ve placed a live bet, chances are you might want to follow what’s happening in the event you bet on. Some websites allow you to do this with live streaming, where you can watch the sporting event through streaming on their website. Do Bodog and Sports Interaction offer this great feature? Let’s find out.

Bodog: From as far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem that Bodog has a Live Streaming option for Canadian sports bettors. This is the case for many operators, as getting the streaming rights for an event is an expensive proposition.

Sports Interaction: If you’re trying to watch a lot of games live, you may be better off looking elsewhere, but Sports Interaction still does have some live streaming options for Canadian bettors. If you’ve deposited and bet with Sports Interaction, you become eligible to stream select live MLB events.


This is pretty open and shut. Sports Interaction does have some events that they live stream for Canadian bettors, while Bodog does not. Therefore, Sports Interaction takes the win.

8. Mobile Compatibility

If you like live betting and streaming, the opportunity to do them wherever you are is an exciting one. With a mobile app or a mobile-compatible website, this is made possible. Taking your sports operator to your phone is a fun way to bet on the go, so let’s take a look at how Bodog and Sports Interaction provide mobile experiences for their users.

Bodog: Bodog does not provide an app for Canadian bettors on the App Store or Google Play Store. While that holds them back a bit in terms of experience, they still have a mobile-compatible website that looks good on smartphones and tablets and brings the Bodog experience to you wherever you are. It is simple to use and provides a very similar type of experience that using Bodog on your computer does.

Sports Interaction: Sports Interaction, unfortunately, doesn’t have an app available in the Apple App Store for iPhones, or the Google Play Store for Androids. However, they do offer a mobile-compatible website that brings the operator to your phone. It is easy to use and will allow you to enjoy betting on the go. It also looks good on a mobile browser.


Both operators lack a dedicated app for either of the major smartphone brands. They both have great mobile-compatible websites. For that reason, this ends up as a Draw.

9. Banking

Once you’ve found the website you like, you’re going to need to deposit. Every operator accepts different payment methods, ranging from the conventional to the unconventional. Here are the payment methods available at Bodog and Sports Interaction.

Bodog: Bodog has tons of options for payment methods, including some that many operators don’t. Bodog first and foremost has the necessities, including cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Interac, and Bank transfers. But they also are one of only a few major operators who allow for cryptocurrency banking. Bodog accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and they provide a substantial bonus to those who deposit with Bitcoin. Each option has a minimum and maximum deposit amount. For card, the minimum is $20 and the maximum is $1,000.

Sports Interaction: If you’re trying to deposit with Sports Interaction, Canadian bettors can choose from 9 different payment methods. There are more standard options like Credit/Debit with Mastercard and Visa and Interac. There are also some more niche options, like MuchBetter, Paysafecard, and ecoPayz. Sports Interaction also offers a bonus of 10% up to $50 for using Interac or eCheck as your deposit method. Each method has a different minimum or maximum deposit amount, for example with debit it is $20 minimum and $1,000 maximum. Withdrawals offer a variety of methods as well and typically take 72 hours to arrive.


Both operators have different banking capabilities that set them apart. However, Bodog accepts American Express and cryptocurrency, with a big bonus for Bitcoin use. These are unique selling points that I believe many users would seek out.

10. Customer Support

When you’re using a sports betting operator, every once in a while there can be confusion and difficulty. In these situations, it helps to be using an operator that has high-quality customer support to help you through the difficulty of the situation. Here is a look at how Bodog and Sports Interaction compare in the customer support department.

Bodog: Bodog has several different pathways if you run into some trouble on their site, or just need to get information. They have a Help Center that has answers to questions on a wide range of topics, an FAQ page, and even a video library that addresses questions and provides a how-to guide, which is a neat feature I haven’t seen on many other operators Help pages. Bodog also has a Contact Us feature where you can input your email and ask a question, as well as a customer support staff that is around 24/7 via live chat, and in a toll-free call line.

Sports Interaction: Sports Interaction has a few different options if you require support. They have a Help Center that has a breakdown of many different questions you might have, including things like banking and technical questions. They also allow you to submit a request by putting in your email and typing out the question/difficulty you are dealing with. The website says they respond to most inquiries within 4 hours. They also have a toll-free, 24/7 contact support line, where you can speak to staff and get the customer support you need.


This is an extremely close one, as once again, both operators have everything I’d look for in terms of customer support. However, the one difference is the video explanations/guide feature that Bodog provides, which gives them a very slight edge.

11. User Experience

The whole point of sports betting sites is to have some fun, and make money while you’re at it. Sports betting is all about the overall user experience. This includes ease of use, the look of the website, and the nature of the offerings. Let’s compare and contrast the Bodog and Sports Interaction overall user experience to see how they stack up.

Bodog: Bodog’s website is a little bit unappealing to look at in my opinion. It looks quite old and simplistic, and I do think that hinders the user experience a bit. Betting with a website that looks great and feels intuitive is important to me, and this isn’t the case with Bodog. However, Bodog does provide a ton of fun ways to gamble with their bet-building feature, extensive props, and I think the feature where gamblers can request odds on certain things to bet on is awesome and sets them apart.

Sports Interaction: Sports Interaction’s website has an easy layout to use, with a very simple theme that is both eye-catching and simple to navigate. The sports offerings are all on a left-hand toolbar, which also includes a live betting tab. The colours blend really well, with a navy blue, orange, and white theme that looks very good. There are also small graphics of different sports and casino options, and the website is divided into different categories.


This one comes down to the simple fact that one website is very visually appealing and easy to navigate, and the other isn’t. Sports Interaction has the edge here with their website that is very easy on the eyes.

Bodog Strengths

Bodog Weaknesses:

Sports Interaction’s Strengths:

Sports Interaction’s Weaknesses:

The Final Verdict

Let me preface the final verdict by saying this competition was as close as it gets, and both operators have something very valuable to offer. They are both different in unique ways, and each has features that some bettors would enjoy more than others. But at the end of the day, there can only be one winner, and according to the scoring system we had in place, Bodog was the one who came out on top.
Bodog was slightly hindered by their website’s unappealing look but managed to overcome that by being really strong in some key areas. Their customer support options are great, they have a lot of unique and fun ways to gamble, and their payment options are extensive. Even though Bodog doesn’t provide as many promotions as a lot of other operators, Sports Interaction only having two promotions is a serious downside.
Sports Interaction is a great website that should be recommended to anyone looking to get into sports betting. They have a website that is very good-looking and easy to use, a lot of great markets, a simple sign-up process, and tons of banking options. However, they lost out to Bodog because Bodog has some more inventive ways to gamble. Even though Sports Interaction’s customer support is top-notch, Bodog’s is just slightly better.
Both websites are awesome, and any Canadian sports bettor could likely find something to enjoy on either one. However, under this scoring system, Bodog slightly edged Sports Interaction in this head-to-head battle of elite Canadian sports betting operators.
These two sportsbooks are far from the only ones available in Canada. If you’re looking to see what else is out there, here is a breakdown of Bet365 and 888Sport, two more of Canada’s biggest betting sites.

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